fifa 17 set piece

The New Penalty System in FIFA 17 Will Help a lot

Here’s what we know: this year’s FIFA might just be the biggest step change in the franchise since the series changed defending back in FIFA 12. Due to the new Frostbite engine powering the system, FIFA 17 will be bringing more than just some new kits and nicer graphics (although…

EPL predication

EPL Predication: FIFA 17 Top 15 Prem Players

With a new Premier League season comes a new edition of FIFA. Predicting the top 15 players in FIFA 17. FIFA 17 will lead to countless moments of joy and an even more innumerable amount of frustration, while it’ll spark debates about why one player should be just a little…

fifa 17 physical play overhaul

Access to FIFA 17 Developers: More Information about Physical Play Overhaul

FIFA 17 transforms the way players physically interact in all areas of the pitch. Lead Gameplay Producer Sam Rivera explain to us all the new physical play options available in FIFA 17. The following is his idea.   What is exactly physical play overhaul? It’s another game changer for the…

Ragnar Klavan rating fifa 17

Might Ragnar Klavan FIFA 17 Rating after LFC Transfer?

Another player Ragnar Klavan, Liverpool FC’s new latest Summer tranfer signing , is intent to be on the discussion of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team when it launches in September. You may ask who is Ragnar Klavan, but you will have a great interest to know this player is already on…

FIFA 17 wonderkids

FIFA 17 Career Mode: 25 Talent kids You Will Need To Sign

It’s the time once again for people to search popular young talents with the upgrading installment of the world’s famous football game. As in the real life, these young talents seems to have popular appealing, with the potential to make your UT squad transformed.   25. Gerson – Roma The…

fifa 17 rumors and confirmed features

Rumors and Confirmed Features in FIFA 17

There are 5 months away from EA’s latest version, fifa 17. Due to UEFA EURO 2016 and PES 2016 upgrade a lot of skills, stats and features, there are very high expectations from EA FIFA 17. Here are some rumours and confirmed features we discovered for you.   FIFA 17…

FUT 16 Web App Live

FUT 16 Web App Live

In an unexpected turn of events, the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Web App has already been released, two days priors to its initial release date which was September 17th. The web app will be at full capacity on the 17th so in the meantime there may be some downtimes and…


The different feel to play FIFA 16

As we all known that football’s a funny old game. You oftentimes don’t reap what you sow. You can meticulously build towards the sort of all-inclusive team goal, the likes of which would make Ajax legend Rinus Michels blush with glee all to be undone by a moment of measured…

2nd FIFA 16 PC Patch

2nd FIFA 16 PC Patch Available Now

With the 2nd FIFA 16 is available ,there will be a revolution of PS4 and Xbox. A second patch for FIFA 16 on PC is now available, another PS4 and Xbox One patch is due shortly, but it’s noted as being ‘similar’, not the same, so the fixes may vary….

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FIFA 16 Beta: How to Avoid Data Corruption on the PS4 Version

Electronic Arts has received several complaints of FIFA 16 Beta getting corrupted during the download on the Playstation 4. According to Electronic Arts; the download data gets corrupted if the PS4 units enter Sleep Mode which is used by many to save energy. EA has come up with a fix…