FIFA 15 PS4 Block Share Play in America

Users ar coverage variety of problems with exploitation the PS4′s Share Play feature, Sony’s on-line pass-the-controller multiplayer service. Namely, it seems FIFA 15 is giving players fits, as visiting players ar unable to look at the footage shown on the host’s console. Rather, one 1/2 the Share Play bicycle-built-for-two sees the screen on top of, which says, “Viewing the sport screen that the host is presently enjoying isn’t allowed thanks to content restrictions in your country or region.”

In our tests between 2 US-based PS4 players this morning, the Share Play traveler was unable to look at game footage on four separate occasions: In FIFA 15, WWE 2K15, Guacamelee and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Share Play for FIFA 15 was practical once we tend to tested the service with our UK-based editor, Sinan Kubba (albeit with some bouts of lowered resolution and frame-dropping). However, it seems the error message being displayed is entirely inaccurate, as PlayStation noted on Twitter, adding that the support team is work the problems.

Eurogamer’s huge list of Share Play-functioning games notes that FIFA 15 Coins “works fine,” therefore your mileage (or kilometer-age during this case) could vary at the instant. Share Play arrived in October as a part of the PS4′s version 2.0 update, that itself caused variety of alternative problems for players. Sony issued another update simply in the week, version 2.02, to rectify a number of the console’s lingering issues. We’ve reached dead set Sony to seek out out what could be inflicting the hiccups with Share Play and that games ar affected.