FIFA 17 Closed Beta Review

FIFA 17 closed beta

For EA Sports’ FIFA 17 Beta, and these are just some notable changes and bugs I’ve found so far in the latest instalment of the immensely popular FIFA series.

More realistic goalkeepers

One issue overcome by FIFA 17 is that missing the ball from a cross or just genuinely not bothering to even attempt a save. Another big issue with goalkeepers on the previous versions of the game was their inability to stop even the slowest of attackers rounding them with little problem. Again, this seems to have improved massively as goalkeepers look to dive onto the ball with purpose, not just taking away the striker’s legs.


Another very nice addition to the game is the inclusion of managers on the touchline. No, not just random generic ones, actual detailed animations of the managers from Premier League Clubs. Who doesn’t want to see Jürgen Klopp running down the touchline, or Jose Mourinho badgering the officials?


Now you can walk up and down the touchline when taking a throw-in. Although you can only about five yards either way, It’s a progressive change and it shows that EA are actually paying attention to the more minor details instead of just spending 99% of their time redeveloping Ultimate Team.

Accurate Set plays

Set pieces used to be very different in the much earlier FIFA games. You could literally pick your spot, and the ball went exactly where you wanted it to go. Well, it looks as if EA Sports are moving back to this older method of Set Pieces, as you can once again pick your spot and put it there.

As this only applies to corners and free-kicks in crossing positions, so you can’t just pick out the top corner from 45 yards with Lionel Messi. This is a bold move on EA’s behalf, but considering my great despair with corners on FIFA 16 (who actually scored more than ten last year?).


With new Frostbite engine, EA have managed to outdo themselves once again, so much so that you can now see the sweat dripping down the faces of your favorite players. Beautiful.

Aggregate ties

This also used to be a common-place feature on football games, but EA decided against it some years ago. Alas, it has made a comeback. You can now play two-legged ties in kick-off mode, for those times when a rivalry or game against your friend can’t be settled after just one game when you’ve scored a 90th minute tap-in (We’ve all done it).

Risky ratings

There seems to be a real issue with the squad ratings before you kick off. For example, FC Barcelona have an overall attack rating of 81, even though they have three of the highest rated players on the game leading their line. As well as this, their overall squad rating stands at only being 4 ½ Stars, when it is definitely a 5 Star squad.