FIFA 17 is Focusing on Young Players


Marco Reus, James Rodriguez and Anthony Martial are all stars this year.

Hrer is an interview with FIFA 17′s Lead Producer Garreth Reeder at Gamescom this year, one topic of conversation was about the apparent focus on young players, especially since Marco Reus is the cover star this year.

The below is what he talks about.

“Yeah, the youth was such a big focus for us”, Reeder said, “and we worked with these ambassadors who are still young or very much in their prime as footballers, and we wanted it to be about that next generation of footballers.

“I think it tied in really nicely with The Journey and that starting point that people will play”. On the topic of Marco Reus appearing at Gamescom, he said “I met Marco and it was really refreshing to work with someone who’s amazing at the game”.

FIFA 17 launches on September 29 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.