How to boost your XP Level in FIFA Ultimate Team 15


With XP level players can only get access to numerous extensions in the EAC Football Club catalogue, including Coin Boosts and Transfer List applicable to Ultimate Team. Generally, there is a daily cap which usually contains 2,000 XP and the more amounts of XP required to reach the next level, the higher they get.

It needs lots of time and effort before getting to the XP levels required to activate real interesting items. Theoretically, players can only get 174 XP from a regular friendly FUT-match victory. In reality, they even find it hard to play more than 2 friendly matches an hour, meaning that almost 6 hours per day are needed before getting to the cap.

Here are some more effective ways to grow XP level with as little time and boredom as possible.
The most effective way currently requires iOS devices and the iOS version of FIFA. Just login with the same Origin ID used to play FIFA 15 on other consoles when opening the app. Then players will see the same XP stats on the iOS version. The trick is easy: Set the skill level to World Class and play penalty shoot outs. While, it matters less whether players win or not since they can just get 125 XP from a win and 95 XP from a loss. If completing one shoot out every two minutes that means players will be able to make the full daily ration of 2,000 XP in less than half an hour. Then the XP cap can be boosted a little bit several times every week

Players should focus on the Match Day Challenges in the “Highlights of the week” mode to pick one rather than the rest of the matches. Basing on choice of skill level, players can get 600 to 1,000 XP in Match Day Challenges. Once completing the Match Day Challenges, their daily XP cap will be increased. It’s possible to earn 1,200 to 2,000 additional XP points by completing two challenges. Remember that the game preview matches in Highlights section won’t increase the cap. Players can keep track of daily XP in the Support under the Football Club tab in the Leaderboards section.

As for other consoles it requires two FUT accounts. One boosts XP level increase. Players should do this on a PC with two different browsers installed. Then put up any in-form card for sale on Account Two and make another IF card available not for sale in the transfer list on Account One. Just go to Account One to search for the card for sale on Account Two and make a trade proposal, offering the available IF player as a trade. Go back to Account Two and accept the trade proposal.
And then start all over, reversing the operation over and over. Each time players buy the player with Account One, they will earn 50 XP for this account, even though it is the same players being traded again and again.

As for Career Mode (Manager Mode) Menu, players can click Squad then Formations to Edit any formation and save it. Repeat this overwriting any formation over and over again. Players should be able to make it to the 2,000. While, only 10 points are offered per time.