How to Deal with Difficult Goalkeepers to Score Goals in FIFA 15

fifa 15 goalkeeper

We have introduced some tips to score goals easily in FIFA 15 before. Actually, scoring goals in any difficulty is more or less dependent on your opposing goalkeepers. Here are some tips to deal with world class goalkeepers to score goals in FIFA 15.

For difficulty amateur
If you play in goalkeeper difficulty amateur, you should practice kicking from far of the post. It is better to press Q+D than pressing D. Sometimes your opposing goalkeeper comes much forward from the goal post, in this regard try kicking from midfield by pressing Q+D and by giving full power to the shot.

For higher difficult goalkeepers
If you play in higher difficult goalkeepers in any difficulty, you should run with the ball along one wing with one of your players. First, please keep run until you get to the line crossing to make goal kick. Then, press the left key to run to the up-left of the opponent d-box if you are playing in the right wing. If you are in the right wing, you should run to the right-left side. Last, when facing the opposite, you should press ↑+→+A (less power) if you are in right wing and press ↑+←+A if you are in left wing.

For a world class goalkeeper in a free kick
In legendary difficult, scoring in a free kick should be difficult when you do with a world class keeper. for this issue, you should press Q+D+↑+← and give full power to the shot with a player whose preferred foot is right. This is for the free kicks from right side.

For a world class goalkeeper in normal match
Normally you cannot beat a world class goalkeeper when one on one with him. You have two methods to deal with. One is to throw the ball to another player when one on one. Another is to cross ball against the goalkeeper to try to score goals.

To score goals, dealing with opposing goalkeepers is one of the main factors. When you strengthen your attacking, FIFA 15 coins buying is also important to make you win. Good luck in FIFA 15!