Leveling As A Summoner In Path Of Exile


Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed by Grinding Gear Games in 2013. In Path of Exile, if you want to level as a summoner, it’s fundamental for you to know the following tips. Unlike buy poe orbs, it is difficult for a new player.

1. Level to level 24 using whatever skill you find appropriate (lightning tendrils, flame blast, static strike, it doesn’t matter). Forget raging spirits, no really screw that gem for a normal summoner.

2. Level a zombie gem starting at level 1! (this is extremely important). Quality above 10 is very nice, but in no way a must have if you don’t have any currency, level > quality for zombies.

3. At level 10, start leveling Hatred, at level 12, start leveling added fire, at level 19 start leveling: Multistrike, desecrate (very important to start leveling ASAP), melee splash and every other gem you think you might need (arc comes to mind), same goes for level 24 (Generosity for Hatred, Flesh Offering, vulnerability, curse on hit etc.) and 31 (reduced mana, spell echo, melee physical dmg, life leech etc).

4. At level 24, equip Matua Tupuna and Bones of Ullr, be sure to have the cluster of 3 minion nodes where the minions get resistance (Herd the Flock). In the Matua Tupuna, add raise zombie, multistrike, melee splash. Use arc to direct zombies and vuln curse on hit (and get Elemental Equilibrium as soon as you can) – basically pulse arc, desecrate, flesh offer – then proceed to pwn your way through content.

5. Get minion life passives. Don’t worry about minion damage passives while leveling. Your minions can’t do damage if they’re dead and all your damage as a summoner comes from gem levels. Bear in mind that having enough poe currency is not bad for you.

6. Use Wrath while leveling. Later on you’ll want to use Discipline and Purity of Elements, but at low levels you need the damage and/or you don’t have the aura passives and reduced mana.

7. You won’t really start to feel like you’ve hit “critical summoner” until you’re in your 50s. Stick it out, it’s worth it.

8. If someone can hook you up with/or you can get for yourself a ring from Elreon with -X mana on cast, you’ll have infinite mana for low levels.