TERA: Which Classes Stand Out In The DPS Department?

You are at the character creator screen and looking at the different races and classes. And you can see that some classes are restricted to race, but does race also affect stats along the way? Or are all races level as far as stats go per class? If you are also looking for a class that has good DPS, and it is good for endgame content since you plan on playing this a lot. Which classes stand out more than others in the DPS department for endgame content? And if you have any demand for Tera Gold, just ask U4GM for help, All players can strongly support from us.


The race passives are not that great unless you wanna min-max as DPS (then go with castanic because of their higher crit factor). Dps wise all classes are pretty good. You can make everything work but of a few are standing out a little bit. As for the cheap Tera Gold you need to Finish your classes, you can get them from our website, we can always help you, after all.

Berserker probably has the highest burst in the game. I personally find them a bit boring though.
Archer is a safe bet. Very good DPS, mobile and quite fun to play as well.
Slayer is really fun too if you look for a combo-based class. Their DPS is based on your ability to always hit your combos obviously.
Warrior is a class I can’t say much about. I find them very exhausting to play although for some it may be a very cool class. They are super mobile and do alright DPS from what I can tell.
Gunner just came out and I don’t know much about them. From the 30 levels I’ve played line, they are amazing though.
Reaper is meh IMO. They don’t have anything that another class can’t do better if you ask me.
Brawler isn’t really a DPS class but they still do tons of damage. Not as much as pure DPS classes but still a quite noticeable amount and they’re really fun to play.

That is actually a helpful answer. It doesn’t matter what your highest crit is for if you can’t ever get one off because you died to the exact same mechanic for the 7th time this pull. In some runs, your DPS is less important than just surviving. For an example: Say a DPS is consistently dying in RMHM, last boss. That boss has a mechanic where she puts a debuff on two people that causes them to take twice the damage and is an instant one-shot if you get it twice. You’re meant to cycle that debuff between the DPS and the healers, however, if that DPS is dead, he can’t take that debuff.

That means either the tank takes the debuff which means that the healers have to put all their resources into keeping him alive (as her attacks will then bleed straight through the tank’s block) and if Lachelith enrages then he’s immediately dead, or another person takes the debuff for the second time and immediately dies, leaving two corpses on the ground. Under 30% this can cause an almost immediate wipe because of two mechanics that the healers are having to pay attention to, and if you’re being resurrected that means that one of the healers can’t do their mechanic, both of which can cause an almost immediate wipe regardless of the skill of the team members.

If the Priest is distracted by trying to resurrect dead bodies, then they may not be able to heal the tank through the enraged bleed-through and they run the risk of not being able to cleanse the buffs that Lachelith gains which give her extreme attack speed and extreme damage to the point even a Lancer can’t stand anywhere near her. If the Mystic is trying to resurrect, when she does the knockback that pushes everyone to the edge of the arena and applies a debuff that immediately needs to be cleansed, the Mystic may not have the motes down for the cleanse so everyone dies to the debuff.

As far as I see it, as long as you’re not constantly licking the floor or taking nonstop damage, then you’re good. You can be a minmaxed Castanic Berserker, or you can be a Popori Slayer that really likes swords and cats. I do not care, as long as you can do your job and you like your character.